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What is OutPatient?


OutPatient Network offers a complete digital healthcare solution with patient record management, inventory management, billing & clinic management.

Biggest benefit to the healthcare provider is that the OutPatient enables him to store their patient records and access them anywhere, bill patients and track their debt. Provider can manage its appointments and create printable calendars for each doctor.



Features Version 1

Provider Portal


The nerve center of the provider. It handles all of the provider's clinic operations from storing patient records, inventory management, patient billing and tracking payments including patient debt.

Provider Portal

Patient Record Management

It acts as a CRM for your clinic. It stores & display patient bio, allergies, conditions, medicine, notes & bills. It has the ICD10 database available for the doctor to chose conditions from.

Provider Portal

Inventory Management

It has product/service catalogue and inventory management built in. The provider can keep track of the product available and disable products that is out of stock.

Provider Portal


Bill your patient for your services. Bill will be sent via SMS & Email. It can be printed too. Track the payments and debts on the bill.

Provider Portal

Billing Logs & Note

Track payments on your bill. Each receipt can be sent via SMS & Email or can be printed. The platform keep track of debt per patient so that you can notify the patient to pay.

Provider Portal


You can message with one patient or multiple patients. It is sent via SMS & Email which they reply to.

Provider Portal

Clinic User Management

You can add your staff and grant them permission depending on their seniority. It has roles for the accountant, nurse, pharmacist, doctor, manager, admin & observer.

Provider App

Android Support

Each doctor/user has their own login to OutPatient Providers websitie and the mobile app. The app is available for Android on Google Play. Access your clinic data from anywhere.
That's not all

Discover more Features!

Built with security as the number one priority. Platform is powered by the ChopChop Network core backend. All data is transmitted & stored encrypted.
Document Management
Provider can digitize and store documents in the platform. The document can be stored as text, image or pdf formats. This can be searched and retrieved later for reference.
Payment & Debt Tracking
Track payments on bills & outstanding debt on patients. Each transaction creates an receipt which the provider can print.
Basic Accounting
The platform offers basic accounting facility track all income & expenditure. The provider can create a Profit & Loss statement.
Marketing Support
We can offer a multi-page website or single-page branded links for clinics to promote to their customers. We handle the web hosting & maintance. Email-hosting is included too.
Every activity, email & message the platform handled between the provider and the patient is recorded. Both the provider and the customer can see it.

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